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Hello there! 👋 Fasten your seatbelt because we’re going to tell you more about the Yolo universe and the Technical Recruiter position! Why are we looking for more awesome team members? Because we want to reach the Moon and we believe that it can only be achieved with a strong team! So we recommend to continue reading, because we are already on our way to the Moon and it is the last chance to jump on board! 


🤓 Well, I bet you are eager to know what you’d be doing!

Your main focus will be on running the recruitment projects, both technical and some non-technical roles. Having an attractive tech stack for engineering roles and unique non-technical roles, recruiting in Yolo Group is always rejoicing! 

As a Recruiter you understand the importance of employer branding and by knowing our target groups you will help to win their hearts and minds. As we’re building our employer brand from scratch, it's not only recommended, but mandatory to bring all your crazy ideas on board and reach for the moon. Because not even the sky's the limit, right?

You see yourself as a strong partner for our business and aim to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and hiring managers. You will be the ambassador of quality recruitment and all the hiring managers know that they can count on you, like you can count on them. Recruiters are not offering candidate (or pizza) delivery service, it is a team effort to bring the best talent on board. Okay, pizza only when celebrating a new successful hire.

You will also be here to provide an excellent candidate experience and build talent pools. We will meet many people and not all of them will fit our universe, but at least they will always leave the meeting with a warm feeling and wish to be back in the future! 

You’re strong at project management, including managing your time and keeping your promises. You will be the bridge between the organisation and the candidates. We keep our customers firmly at the centre of our universe and do whatever it takes to provide Fun, Fast & Fair experience for both our candidates and stakeholders. 

Besides running your own recruitment projects, you enjoy being hands-on in other topics, such as organizing and participating in events, establishing new collaborations with universities and other organisations, etc. As you know our target group inside out, you know exactly what needs to be done to attract them!


🥇 Every second company is looking for a Recruiter, so why should you choose us? 

Needless to say, Yolo Group is a land of opportunities. We don’t have limits (kind of, but not really). Although we have 500+ people, we still have a start-up mindset. Each and every one of us can and should bring their own ideas on the table.

And we’re not kidding, when you join us, you enter another universe where time moves as fast as for dogs (7 times faster), but quoting a fellow Yoloer: “The environment keeps you youthful.” Don’t get us wrong, our average age is 31, but we do have experienced colleagues you can learn a thing or two from. 

And by the way... Have you ever heard of Manaus, Fukuoka or Bursa? Yep, these places exist and its inhabitants have joined the Yolo universe. We have a multicultural working environment including people from 35 different countries.


🧡 The People team - you can’t resist joining this one!

Our People Partnership, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development are all in one team and working closely together! We are very proud to have all these competencies in one team - all unique puzzle pieces come together as one. It is very important for us to keep these functions closely together to achieve the best results. You will be surrounded by our bright minds, everyone's an expert in their field. Whenever you want to discuss something, you will always have someone who is willing to support you, give you another perspective and teach you a lot. We also have two dedicated recruiters - Hanna and Kärolin, who will be your main partners in crime, when building and developing the TA function.

Oh, here we are! Our team is actually even bigger, but someone has to work , you know👇🏻




Okay, now comes the classical bullet point list, or two. 


😎 I bet you will rock our universe, especially when you are:

  • A passionate recruiter and you will bring your own pool of candidates with you! When participating in events, occupational disease might even occur: you like to know where everyone works and what makes them tickle at work. But no worries, this is a good kind of disease and let’s not cure that illness. 
  • Familiar with technology and have around 2 years of experience in technical recruiting. 
  • Excellent in creating good relationships with key stakeholders, which also brings us to the next point, very good written and verbal English is a must-have 
  • As a person, you need to be an initiator, have the drive, independence and readiness to “challenge” and get things done
  • We are moving fast. Although we are not a start-up anymore, we definitely still have the same mindset and a lot of things are going on at once. So being comfortable with working in a fast-paced and quickly changing environment is important. 

✅ And other stuff that goes without saying... Fine, here it comes:

Like our mantra says, a fun, fast and fair workplace where you will be given the freedom to tackle new challenges and grow into the new heights of success. We are driven by disrupting and innovating and that’s what we encourage you to do. We have really exciting times ahead in the People team. Although there are many great People & Culture initiatives in place, there is a hunger to do more and get closer to our mission mentioned above. 


🤘 And there is more...

  • Generous learning & development package 
  • Monthly sports compensation ⚽️
  • In-house gym, sauna and cafeteria
  • Our relaxing sleeping pods that deserve a separate mention
  • Pet-friendly environment 
  • Plenty of events, celebrations and field trips. We’re known for finding occasions to celebrate and get together (safely of course). It may sound like a cliché, but we work hard and we play hard - Barney Stinson would say that our parties are legendary. And we mean legendary… 🎉
  • Have you noticed how people in Hollywood movies go to the rooftop to stare in the distance and gather their thoughts...well, we have that inspirational rooftop terrace with a sea view too. 
  • We love sports and are passionate cricket ambassadors - we even have our own cricket team that welcomes new members. Can we count you in?

🚀 What do we do as a company?

The Yolo Group (formerly the Coingaming Group) brings next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech, blockchain and more. Serving millions of users worldwide, the Yolo Group is committed to putting the customer at the centre of the universe via a wide range of fun, fast and fair products and services. Powered by a team of more than 600 Yoloers, the Group’s disruptive DNA is matched only by a desire to take everything it works on ‘to the moon’.


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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Benefits and perks

We want people to thrive at Yolo: we believe you do your best work when you feel your best. Here are a just a few benefits we’re proud to provide our team with.

  • Fit and Healthy People

    Although we are very fast-paced, we know that building a great business is a marathon not a sprint. Our active people love our wellness benefit. From the gym, to swimming pools, sports teams and fitness classes; your health, your choice

  • Birthday Day Off

    We are pleased to give you a day off on your birthday to celebrate it with the closest ones.

  • Growing to new heights

    Personal growth is an essential part of our DNA. We are very proud of our many in-house learning & development programmes where we don’t only learn new skills but put them in the practice through ambitious and real startup-like business projects.

  • Work Hard, Play Harder

    We do celebrate all our achievements by having an amazing parties, summer days, Christmas gala and many more.

Workplace & Culture

Together we reach for the moon!

If we were to describe ourselves in a couple of words, we would say we are fast moving and an ambitious team of go-getters! 

We encourage our employees to push their limits, reach their goals and innovate things further by bringing on board exciting and challenging projects.  Working at the Yolo Group guarantees you a sense of achievement and is awarded with plenty of entertainment and time-off possibilities; Happy hours with fun-loving colleagues to sports compensation and time off for your birthday. We believe that a happy member of our company brings more value for everyone.

We value our employees as we do our customers by putting them at the centre of our universe.


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